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Great Drinks, Greater People

Bobae’s vision is to be a beacon where strangers become family over reimagined creative food and drinks.



We are so excited and thrilled that you are interested in being a part of our team. To help this process, we highly recommend for you to read through our entire webpage and instagram to help you understand what is Bobae and why we are so different as a workplace/offerings. We highly encourage you to think about how working at Bobae will make you become a new version of you and who you want to become, not just a clock-in and clock-out job.

We also recommend to having excellent mannerisms and a sprinkle of old fashion way of interview etiquette to get a job here. 

We Focus on YOU

Bobae is different than the last place you worked. Bobae is a home where employees become more confident and mature. The standard at Bobae will never be low and this job will not be easier than your last. We do not believe in compromising standard or cutting corners to get the work done. Lowering our standards and cutting corners to get a task done will become more work for later. We hire people who are ready to learn and continue to learn here. We believe in resiliency and get back up to fight harder after feeling defeated. This is a requirement to be a part of this amazing team. 

Open Positions:


-Assistant Manager


-Team Lead

-On Bar Barista

-Front of House 

-Back of House Prep

-Food Prep

-Bobae Head Trainer

-Content Creator

-Bobae Head Baker


-Medical/dental/vision health care (Cost covered 50% by employer for Full Time Employee)

-An excellent 401K Program 


-Maternity Leave Plan

-Bobae drinks on shift 

-Employee discounts on and off shifts

-Paid breaks and lunches

-Team bonding food and events

-Leadership/Managerial positions eligible for Bobae vacation trips (Example: Los Cabos Mexico)

-Leadership training and paid entry for courses at Coffee Fest and other learning events

Our Mission


Bobae’s mission is achieve *Great Drinks, Greater People* through reimagine food and drinks by introducing Farm-To-Straw concepts to connect people through our stories and memories.

Our Vision


Bobae’s vision is to be a beacon where strangers become family over reimagined creative food and drinks.

Our Core Values

1. Uphold highest integrity 

2. Fortified resiliency 

3. Selfless 

4. Team oriented

5. Wake up with purpose

6. Proactive

7. Be confident in self and work

8. Great humor and have fun

Submit Application:

Email your resume and cover letter to 

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