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A letter to ourselves,


We took a journey on this frail and unused path, and here we are at Bobae. Remember how we got here and the people who helped us learn more about ourselves. We are more than just a cafe, we are a living memory of our past, current, and future handmade into every drink. So remember to take a sip, and relive the moments that built this. Remember that we are about natural ingredients, the community, remember that we are humans searching for love and to give our love. May each drink we make bring us back to the exact moment in time where it all began, the smell of the air, the tastes in our mouth, the search to find something that embodies it all. From the serenity we found in Zen tea gardens in Japan, to the smiles of our families rejuvenated with the freshly squeezed lemons basking under the summer sun, to wishing our dreams under the moonlight tucked away in the sapphire sky, never forget that this is more than a drink, this is a piece of you. Don't forget the laughter and smiles of each and every one of our customers, and never forget the lives we change through just a simple chat over coffee and tea. Always be unapologetically bold, fearless, and loving.



Joey and Karma


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Our Leadership Team.

Without the talent and dedication of our leaders within our organization, Bobae would not be able to grow and thrive to be where it is today and tomorrow. 

Ingredients Matter


Farm to Straw Teas

We believe in accurate sourcing and using farm-to-straw full-leaf teas. We believe origin matters. Something as simple as our Ceremonial Matcha from a family farm in Japan makes a huge difference in every cup. Bobae's teas are brewed daily and every matcha is served hand-whisked.

Real Local Dairy & Alternative Milks

We believe in real, local ingredients. We do not believe in using non-dairy creamer powders or artificial powders to cut costs. The taste of real authentic flavors starts here without 10+ chemical compounds attached.

Local Coffee Roaster

Bobae partners with the best local roastery to come up with our Bobae blend for all of our coffees and "dirty" drinks. Our on-bar baristas rigorously dial-in our espresso shots to ensure every pull is the best shot.

Dedicated Team

From cooking our sweetener in house to jams and syrups, our team ensures each process is done with the best quality to make each hand-crafted drink. Not to mention, they love connecting with customers.

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