Most of our teas can be made Hot! Enjoy it steamed vs Nitro. Still just as creamy.

You can also order most of our teas without milk or sweetener. That's the beauty of high grade loose leafs.

Nitro & Specialty Teas

Black Tea

OG Nitro Milk Tea

Caramelly, Smooth, & creamy. This spin on our childhood favorite drink is one of the best. Full Dairy, absolutely delightful no matter what day or time. 

Bo Nitro Milk Tea

Bo is a very delicate black breakfast tea for the PNW pairs wonderful with milk or milk alternatives.

Bae Nitro Milk Tea

The elevated Earl Grey experience. This tea deemed as the sassy CEO possess the classy and fragrant from Southern village in Italy. One of the prized favorites of many.

Bae-Kok Nitro Thai Milk Tea

Exotic, well-balanced, and bold creamy goodness. Tea from Thailand pairs so well with our Smith Brother Farm milks (alternative milk is available).

Woodinville Nitro Chai Milk Tea

The perfect balanced spiced chai is that perfect cup for our PNW rainy and cold days. When this drink is nitrolized- it tastes like a sunny day in the park. When this drink is hot- it tastes like a hug in a cup. 

Ceremonial Matcha & Green Teas

Red, White, and MATCHA

The best-selling drink entails hand whisked Ceremonial Grade Matcha and it has the best strawberry bottom to make this drink tastes like a strawberry shortcake.

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Latte

Iced or hot. This hand whisked Ceremonial Grade Matcha pairs perfect with the milk or alternative milk. Sweetened or not sweetened, all up to you.

Ceremonial Matcha White Chocolate

Iced or hot. This hand whisked Ceremonial Grade Matcha and our premium white chocolate is the perfect marriage. The delicate crisp matcha and the creaminess of the white chocolate makes you crave it over and over again. 

Straight Nitro Ceremonial Matcha

Iced or hot. This hand whisked Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the best to enjoy without any milk. Perfect for Matcha lovers. Straight, no sweetness, nitro. Smooth and you can taste the hard work behind the family we get this Matcha from.

Ceremonial Matcha Vanilla Tea Latte

Iced or hot. This light real vanilla fragrant in the delicate ceremonial grade matcha taste like a luxurious Matcha ice cream. 

Ceremonial Matcha Caramel Tea Latte

Iced or hot. This delightful caramel in the delicate ceremonial grade matcha taste like Matcha with love.

Nitro Honey Lemon Jasmine Silver Tip Tea 

Iced or hot. This crisp and refreshing high grade Jasmine Silver Tip Tea hits the spot when you are looking for something light and hydrating.

Nitro Jasmine Silver Tip Green Milk Tea 

Iced or hot. This high grade Jasmine Silver Tip Tea pairs effortlessly well with milk or alternative milk. 

Non-Caffeinated and floral

Sapphire Moonlight

LAVENDER! This heavenly looking drink is made out of organic lavender flower. There is no other tea in here! All you are going to taste will be lavender.

Lavender White Chocolate

Organic lavender pairs with premium white chocolate bring this lavender goodness on a whole new level. 

Organic Rose Blossom Milk Tea

Organic Rose Blossom is extremely high in vitamin C. Excellent drink for people who need a cleanse. Detox always feels great after. Light, fragrant, and soft!

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry goodness. Perfect for strawberry lovers and little ones.

Chocolate Milk

67% Cocoa with Smith Brother Farm Milk or alternative. Creamy and chocolatey!

Caramel Milk

The brown caramel pairs excellent with Smith Brother Farm Milk or alternative milk.

Real Vanilla Milk

Real Vanilla pairs with Smith Brother Farm Milk or alternative, another excellent choice for adult and children.

Tea and Tea bag

Bobae Genmaicha

The modern twist to the traditional roasted rice green tea. The light fragrant pairing makes this tea unique and delightful.

White Peony

Single Origin white tea from Northern Fujian region of China. Second most highest grade of white tea pairs with subtle unique floral.

Spring Meadow

Spring meadow is the perfect non-caffeinated blend for anyone that want to relax for the day or feeling better after a cold (recommend add honey and lemon slice to get over a cold). 

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