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Bobae Experience

Ingredients Matter

Yellow Tea

Farm to Straw Teas

We believe in accurate sourcing and using farm-to-straw full-leaf teas. We believe origin matters. Something as simple as our Ceremonial Matcha from a family farm in Japan makes a huge difference in every cup. Bobae's teas are brewed daily and every matcha is served hand-whisked.

Real Local Dairy & Alternative Milks

We believe in real, local ingredients. We do not believe in using non-dairy creamer powders or artificial powders to cut costs. The taste of real authentic flavors starts here without 10+ chemical compounds attached.

Local Coffee Roaster

Bobae partners with the best local roastery to come up with our Bobae blend for all of our coffees and "dirty" drinks. Our on-bar baristas rigorously dial-in our espresso shots to ensure every pull is the best shot.

Dedicated Team

From cooking our sweetener in house to jams and syrups, our team ensures each process is done with the best quality to make each hand-crafted drink. Not to mention, they love connecting with customers.

Bobae Ingredients Matters

What is Nitro Bubble Tea

Nitro does not add any additional caffeine to drinks. The nitro process is natural and uplifts the characteristics of our farm-to-straw teas providing a clean, crisp, and creamy finish. We use full-leaf high mountain teas instead of tea dusts. Bobae teas will not have an overly-bitter taste. Bobae is an experience you can taste.

What is Nitro?
Bobae is Unique

Bobae is Unique



We say no to using cheap artificial powders & syrups


We stay creative & fun by making

our own House-Made ingredients


We went beyond freshly brewed teas, we brew ONLY High-Grade Teas

We care about the story behind our tea & coffee origins

We are 1st to  Nitro  & Boba Donuts


Bobae is a place that believes in sharing our experiences through our interpretation of creative drinks and sometimes food. There is a story and a reason as to each and every drink we create. We believe that creative drinks should be health-forward versus using crappy ingredients and brands as "healthy" (that is just not right). Bobae is a place where locals can make their memories with their friends and family. Bobae is a part of the community and the community is the reason why they get to do what they love. Bobae believes in simple ingredients, handcrafted products, and fun-loving ideas!

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